Top Five Things Men Look For In Women

adly, many men are labeled as being superficial in their thoughts and wants when searching for a woman. Surprisingly, there are quite a few men out there who are less superficial and are actually very realistic in their thoughts and wants concerning their women of interest. We have compiled a list of the top five things many men look for in women.

Sense of Humor

Yes, it is a known fact that many men are sarcastic, full of jokes and all around fun loving. Men often seek
the same in a partner. They want someone who can keep up. They don’t want someone who is the butt of every joke, but someone who can throw the punches right back. Just like food, a sense of humor is another way to a man’s heart. As simplistic as men are simple laughs and a light heart makes life that much easier.


No, not for protect ion! Men love women who are secure about themselves and are proud to be who they are, just the way that they are. A women who is insecure about herself, often leads to insecurity within a relationship and frankly, makes things hard for a man to have to deal with. There is also a fine line between being secure and being cocky and arrogant (yes! Women can be arrogant too!). Many men find overly secure and confident women, unattractive. It’s simple, love who you are without forcing everyone else to.


Mental stimulation is important to men. When it comes to being in a relationship, men are looking for someone they can carry a conversation with. They want to know that what they are talking about is being computed by a woman. It is also important for men to feel as though they are speaking with someone on their own level and not someone who portraits less mentality. Sure, some men like their women younger, but not young enough to have to teach how to speak in full sentences.


Sure, men like to feel like men, they also like a woman who can stand on her own two feet. Chivalry is not completely dead but, in today’s times, women are known to do a lot for themselves. Men have grown accustomed to women taking care of themselves and/or with little help or direction. Not to be confused with not doing their part, they merely expect women to help and pull their weight too. In today’s times, it is difficult for a single person to manage their life and the thought of taking on another person who cannot do for themselves or contribute to a situation is found to be unattractive. No, women are not expected to carry all the weight, they are expected to help fulfill what is necessary to live a comfortable life. Those who are clinging onto every cent of someone else’s money are generally overlooked in today’s dating world.


Yes! It is no surprise that men look a t the physical attributes of a woman. After all, women generally do the same thing. When it comes to sparking or finding interest in someone, there has to be an attraction to draw two people together. Physical doesn’t always mean superficial, but could mean various other things. Physical attributes that men can find attractive include, body language, smiles, eyes, walk and so much more. It’s simply a known fact; we all like someone that we enjoy looking at too!

Men are really simplistic creatures and each carries their own likes and dislikes when it comes to a woman. No matter the man, he is typically easy to read. Though, personalities may vary from man to man, the above five attributes are something many men can agree on when it comes to what men look for in women.