Stand Up Paddling Classes And Lessons

Are you interested in learning more about stand up paddle boarding? Do you want a way to enjoy your favorite hobby with a group of like-minded individuals? As stand up paddling becomes more popular, classes are popping up around the country that help you get started. There are even exercise programs focused on stand up paddling, allowing you to enjoy the water and outdoors while getting in your daily exercise. Here’s a look at some of the classes and activities around the United States.

Paddle Diva has locations around New York and offers SUP boards and gear, along with lessons for beginners and daily classes. With lessons for beginners through advanced paddlers, Paddle Diva focuses on classes for women of all ages and provides stand up paddling rentals as well. After you get the hang of paddling, make sure to try the Group Paddle Tours, Adventure Paddle Tours and the Bootcamp/TRX/SUP Retreat to try something challenging and exciting with a large group of friends. Paddle Diva also has Fun Fitness Fridays and Workout Wednesdays, which are group paddling tours and workouts that help you get fit while enjoying nature.

For those in Hawaii, the birthplace of this sport, you can get personal lessons from expert instructors at Blue Planet Surf. They offer beginner, intermediate and advanced classes and train only one or two students at a time for best results. If you want, group lessons are available by request if you’d like to try learning with a group of friends. You can also request fitness and diet consultation, goal setting advice, training plans, race preparation and strategy. Classes are affordable and include all equipment.

Finally, in San Diego, California, Surf Diva offers the ideal location to learn stand up paddling along with equipment and instructors who can help you get started. Lessons are very affordable and Surf Diva also offers paddle board rentals along with advice to help you find the right board for your body and style. Surf Diva also has summer camps available for kids 5-10, teens 11-17, an overnight adult camp and an overnight girl surf camp.