Emergency Preparedness: Why You Need A Survival Kit For Your Family

We live in an uncertain world, and even though we do not always see it, danger literally lurks around every corner. Storms, terrorist attacks, blackouts, and any number of things can happen at any moment, and because of this, family survival kits are more important than ever.

We are told, these days, to be on the lookout for suspicious people. We are told to take cover during storms. we are even advised to have basic emergency kits in our homes and cars. Nobody, however, is stressing the importance of emergency preparedness with family survival kits.

A family survival kit is not the same thing as a first aid kit. A survival kit will, however, should contain a first aid kit. In fact, for families, there is actually more than one kit involved. Each member of the family should have a kit or bag prepared, and then there should be one additional kit or bag containing items for the whole family. Each survival kit should be packed to cover at least three days or seventy-two hours.

Individual survival kits should contain appropriate clothing, prescription medications, a flashlight, extra batteries, and personal hygiene products. Only pack what is necessary in these bags. You do not need three pairs of shoes, makeup, and things of this nature. Personal kits should also contain enough non-perishable survival food and water for that person, and a warm blanket. When putting together this kit, think carefully about what that individual needs to survive for three days.

The family survival kit should contain emergency essentials like survival food, water, the first aid kit, a can opener, additional batteries, a pocket knife, pen and paper, cash, lighters, candles, flares, water proof matches, a small axe and a fold up shovel, rope, toilet tissue, hand sanitizer, duct tape, important family documents, a credit card, and a pre-paid phone card.

The worst mistake that anyone can make these days is assuming that nothing is going to happen that would cause you to need family survival kits. If you live in a small town, you probably do not fear terrorist attacks. You should, however, fear tornados, hurricanes, wildfires, or other natural disasters. Blackouts happen in small towns just like they happen in big cities.

When any disaster happens, you really have no way of knowing how long it may take for rescue or help to arrive. In some cases, there may not be help coming anytime soon, and if you do not have survival food and family survival kits, a bad situation can turn into a horrific situation where lives are literally at stake. Hurricane Katrina, which occurred in 2005 and killed over 1800 people, is a prime example of this, and just another reason why emergency preparedness is so important for the safety and survival of your family.

Family survival kits and an individual survival kit should be taken seriously. If you do not have family survival kits and survival food already, you need to take steps to get these life saving kits put together today. You never know what may happen tomorrow.